Welcome to the HDcctv Alliance

"HDcctv" refers to a collection of reliable, convenient, affordable, high-fidelity transmission technologies that were specifically developed for transporting HD surveillance video within secured premises.

The HDcctv Alliance manages interface standards, which enable competion on performance and price in the largest possible total market. Global adherence to the standards creates efficiencies throughout the industry, from SKU conservation for warehouses to R&D amortization for semiconductor manufacturers. These efficiencies in turn create tangible benefits for end customers, who enjoy 100% multi-vendor Plug 'n' Play (PnP) best-fidelity HD surveillance that is just as reliable, convenient and affordable as PAL and NTSC.

Simply match the Genuine HDcctvTM compliance mark on either end of a cable to be sure of an immediately succesful signal connection every time: For example, a certified compliant HDcctv AT 2.0 camera paired with any AT 2.0-compliant DVR automatically establish an HD surveillance link, once connected & powered. No intervention is required, and the 2.0 DVR is able remotely to control the camera by emulating back-panel button presses from the comfort of the control room.

Hundreds of technologists, product managers, and security industry executives have contributed since April 2008 to shaping the HDcctv standards and to raising awareness about specialized technologies for HD surveilance local-site transport. HDcctv has made HD readily accessible to all CCTV installers. It's time to migrate to HD surveillance. Get involved with the HDcctv Alliance!

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