Welcome to the HDcctv Alliance

HDcctv is all about reliable, convenient transmission of unadulterated HD video within secured premises. Global adherence to the standard allows vendors to compete on performance and price in the largest possible total market.

HDcctv cameras transmit zero-delay, best-live-view HDTV signals over hundreds of meters of coaxial or Cat5e/Cat6 cables. HDcctv equipment is as reliable and as convenient to install, commission, and maintain as conventional analogue CCTV cameras and DVRs.

The Genuine HDcctvTM mark means an immediately succesful signal connection every time: A pair of Genuine HDcctv products from any two vendors will establish a video link, once connected & powered, without intervention.

Hundreds of people have been working together since April 2008 to shape the HDcctv standard and to raise awareness of this new pathway for CCTV installers to migrate to HD surveillance. Get involved with HDcctv!

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(contact membership@highdefcctv.org for the rights to use HDcctv logos and compliance marks in your promotional material)